Friday, March 04, 2016


I was intrigued by Audrey's quilt-along from the beginning.
First, was her block -- a circle appliquéd to a square -- simple & perfect.
Secondly, was the idea of making a small block everyday for a year. I loved the diary-like aspect of that! A small block, like all the other blocks, but each would reflect the day you had -- good or bad, bright or dull. Again, simple & perfect.

But my appliqué skills aren't the best & I was daunted by the idea of making a block every day for a year. Still, I wanted to play along. So when I began making plans for my trip to California, I thought the time was right for some handwork & I starting thinking about an abbreviated, non-diary version of Quilty 365.

I cut squares & prepared circles from a variety of dotty fabrics, gathered sewing materials into a little travel box & I was ready to go! While I was away from home I made 30-40 squares.

Also while I was away, I got sick. After I returned home, I spent nearly a whole week in bed -- stuffy head, congested chest, fever -- hand-sewing was all I had the energy for. When I ran out of block parts, I managed to cut more background squares & circles. Now that I am better, I am still enjoying making these blocks. I now have nearly 80 with a good deal more ready to go. I'm not sure how big this quilt will get. But for now I am having a very nice time.