Saturday, August 27, 2016

In the stars

Do you read your horoscope?

I do -- I don't guide my behavior or shape my decisions by what I read, it is just for entertainment, in fact, in 30 minutes I've usually forgotten what it said. That is, unless it has suggested doing something I wanted to do anyway: like, "Aquarians, you've been working too hard, take it easy today" or "Aquarians, how about a little indulgence today" or "Aquarians, an outing is what you need."

Then there was this one:

"You could be overwhelmed by everything you need to accomplish.
You might not be in the position to take a break, but you also can't say "no" to a great idea.
Give yourself the space to create more of what you want."

Well, the stars were clearly talking about my struggle with my niece's quilt & everything that has been trying to distract me from finishing it. I can't explain why that quilt has been such an uphill battle, nor why I let the least little thing distract me from it. I finished 2 other tops while working on it! I pulled out some of my oldest UFOs to putter with. And, of course, there were new distractions: a stack of 60s-era samples -- on my shelf for years, suddenly they needed to be sewn up, my box of string scraps that are becoming another milestone birthday quilt, Cherrywood scraps that seem perfect for hummingbird stars, etc, etc, etc.

In spite of the distractions, the plum & gray top WAS finished, the sandwich WAS basted &, after 30 or so hours, the quilting is DONE! I squared it & machined the binding on & am now doing the hand-sewing -- all with several weeks to spare!