Sunday, July 03, 2016

Quilty 196

The blocks for my version of Audrey's Quilty 365 are finished. Like cards, I dealt them out on my design floor. I tried not to fuss too much with them, but with the few stripes, the read-as-solids dots, the distinctive dots, the subtlety different backgrounds & all the different colors -- I did fuss quite a bit, trying to get everything spread evenly across the surface. As I am sure you will say, the second photo is a big improvement over the first.

You say you hardly see a difference?!?
Well, I guess I have to agree. But this is the final layout & baring any construction mishaps (arrrr! I switched rows 3 & 4!!! It's a disast -- wait a minute, I think this will work out even better) this is how my quilt will look.

I've never been one for hand-sewing, but I really enjoyed this project. I see more hand-sewing in my future -- I've been thinking about those old, 4-block appliqué quilts, maybe some English paper piecing, maybe more circles .......