Sunday, May 28, 2017

Third finish -- Healing Feathers

A friend I know through work is facing an uncertain future.

Less than 2 years ago, he was diagnosed with a degenerative lung disease. At the time, he was symptom-less, but it was not long before he had a 24 hours/day CPAP machine & restricted activity. Now he is in the hospital on high levels of oxygen & is on the short list for a double lung transplant -- waiting, waiting.

Well, there is not much I can do except make a quilt to show that I am thinking of him. So, with Anna Maria Horner's feather pattern, I made a quilt that I hope has healing powers.

Second finish -- Ribbons

Last year, when I was planning a quilt for my oldest niece's Big Birthday, time was passing & I still hadn't decided on a pattern -- I needed to start *something* or I risked running out of time! So I began 2 quilts. I quickly knew which was hers & had a second that would be a gift for someone else. The second one got moved to the back burner. I pulled it out earlier this year, quickly finished the piecing, then put in about a 40 hours of quilting!

It was not until I was editing my images for this post that I noticed my mistakes. They are not glaring, you may have trouble finding them & I don't think the new owner will mind.

First finish -- Pompoms

I began these blocks in January or February of 2016. Audrey at Quilty Folk was hosting a quilt-along: Quilty 365. I didn't manage 365 blocks, just 196. I finished it this year just about the time our brief Gulf Coast winter ended. Oh well. It is still very jolly, all dots with a few checks & stripes.
I am calling it Pompoms.

Sunday, May 07, 2017

And many more

I've made quite a few milestone birthday quilts in the last several years. Oddly, as a milestone of my own was approaching, it did not occur to me to make myself a quilt. Eventually, though, the seed planted itself in my head & the idea flourished. I am now making myself a milestone birthday quilt!

It will be an on-going project. My quilt is a mash-up of 2 quilts in Mary Elizabeth Kinch & Biz Storms' book Small Pieces, Spectacular Quilts. My wedges are from a stack of metallic prints on solids that I got at Quilt Festival a few of years ago, the whole-cloth bands are a pumpkin-colored mini plaid. I am surprised at how quickly they sew together -- I sit down with my pile of wedges, sew 2 together, another 2 together, then those 4 together -- next thing I know, I have a long string of wedges. The 3rd one is done now & I'm ready to begin the 4th. I calculate that I will need 8 pieced bands -- so I'm nearly half-way there!