Monday, February 23, 2015

QuiltCon-cked Out


I'm back from the second QuiltCon. I had not planned on going, but the possibility of meeting quite a few of my favorite quilters tipped the balance in favor of going. My gracious, good friend, QuiltingCyclist, had a shareable room within rock-throwing distance of the Austin Convention Center -- so off to Austin I went.

 Firstly, I had lots of fun!

Secondly (& certainly the cause of Firstly), I made the effort to repress my wallflower nature & boldly approached people I did not know & introduced myself to them. I met Libs Elliot -- an amazing quilter! we chatted about her process & what is upcoming for her. I met Andres (aka Mad Tesla), from my virtual acquaintance with him I knew he is talented & funny, now I know he is also charming & smart. I met Lynn Harris (in fact followed her into the ladies' room like a creepy stalker), we talked about tiny patchwork stars & her soon-to-be-released book. I met Melissa Averinos, she made an amazing face quilt that won Judges' Choice & after we talked, she continued to recognize me & say "hi" when our paths crossed. I met Sherri Lynn Wood & had her sign a copy of her new book -- she gave me some good advice that I hope to apply to my quilt-making & to life in general. I met Tara Faughnan, I've loved her quilts for some time & was delighted to find a spirit similar to mine. I met entropy always wins -- crazy talented, crazy smart & crazy nice! she recently made fabric rose brooches & gave me one! I met bookybookish, an Instagram friend who is now a Real Friend. I did not get to meet armchair quilter, Claudia, it just didn't work out this time, but someday! I did not meet, but enjoyed seeing 2 of Leslie Schmidt's quilts. And I did not get to reconnect with completely cauchy, the poor dear got sick the week before QuiltCon & she finally decided not to come, but I got to see several of her quilts on display.

It was such a pleasure putting faces & voices together with quilters & bloggers that I admire.

Thirdly, I saw lots of fabulous quilts. There were 2 special exhibits, one was a group of Gee's Bend quilts -- a group of the women taught workshops & gave the keynote talk -- the other were quilts from the collection of Bill Volkening, quilts from the 50s, 60s & early 70s -- lots of joyful color & polyester! And the quilts entered to hang, well, here is just a few.

I got a temporary quilty tattoo. Hmmmmm, next time, maybe a real one........?

Friday, February 13, 2015

Plugging & chugging

You would think I would learn, but I never seem to: the problem with having so many on-going projects is that nothing proceeds very quickly. Out my maaaannnnnnny stacks of parts, I've been working 2 scrap projects & 2 with scrappy-ish flying geese. As you scrap-sewers know, there are no quick methods for scraps, just pulling 2 pieces, sew them together, sew them to another pair & repeat. I've got all of these projects out on my sewing table so that they are all leaders & enders for each other & in spite of proceeding slowly, they are all proceeding.

In between times, I made & quilted something I plan on entering for consideration for a display of modern quilts at the Texas Quilt Museum. The piecing was crazy simple & the quilting was simple but dense & took some time. It is done except for the binding; for the first time, I'm planning on trying a facing-type binding. I'll give you a little peak at this quilt.

Sunday, February 08, 2015

Sunday, January 18, 2015

The first line-jumper of the year

During Shug's & my busy holiday visit to the midlands, there was one day that my Mother-in-law & I took a little time & had an outing -- we had lunch, finished up some grocery shopping & she offered to take me to Fabric Recycles.  I NEVER turn down an opportunity to visit this store! I found some stars from their "started, not finished" table, a brown calico, a bit of cat fabric & 2 yardages of 60s-70s era fabrics. After returning home, my purchases moved into my sewing room & sat on top of things until I could get around to putting them away.

As I was working away at a couple of scrappy projects, the blue-lavender-olive fabric began speaking to me.

"Excuse me. Excuse me.
Don't my colors remind you of those in your stack of Liberty fat quarters?
Don't you think we might look very nice together?"

"Why, yes, blue-lavender-olive fabric, I think you might be right.
I'll get the Libertys out as soon as I finish a few things."

Get them out now!
I was cut from the bolt back in the Nixon administration &
have been sitting on a shelf ever since.
I want to BE something! I want to be something NOW!"

"OK, OK, settle down. Here they are.
Hey, you're right, you all look really good together.
Good, um, eye?, blue-lavender-olive fabric. Do you have any suggestions?
What do you want to "be"?"

"Well, I was meant for decorating, so something with me in big pieces
would best show off my natural, large-scale beauty."

"Hmmm, bossy & vain, but I think you're right.
Maybe some sort of strippy, geese-y, tree everlasting-y kind of thing?
Would that suit you?"

"I have no idea what you're talking about, but it sounds fun. Let's start now!
But, I wonder if all the florals might be a bit flower-y, all the blues a bit too blue?
Do you have any stripes or dots or plaids to mix in?
And what about just a touch of complementary colors -- just a touch.
I've waited so long, I want to be awesome!"

"Alright & right again, blue-lavender-olive fabric.
Don't get your hopes too high. But this does sounds like fun, let's see where it takes us."

"By the way, you really are beautiful, blue-lavender-olive fabric."

"Yes, I know."

Saturday, January 03, 2015


I began sketching out my Quilt Room Dreams & Aspirations & was quickly overwhelmed!

First off, I want to finish up some UFOs:

7 tops to quilt -- 4 nearly done, 1 basted, 2 ready to baste -- & 9 stacks of blocks & block parts that I want to get made into tops (then, of course, more tops to quilt)! YIKES! Looks like just clearing out the backlog will be a year's worth of work!

Then there are the things I want to start/explore anew:
more charitable sewing, more scrap & string sewing, medallions, improvisational piecing, a quilt or 2 for juried shows, a quilt for someone's milestone birthday, and a series project I've been calling "bed rugs".

Lastly, with my right hand held up in an oath-ish position -- I solemnly swear to attempt to buy less fabric this year. "Attempt"?, you say! "Buy less"?, you say! Why not vow to not buy any?!? Well, because I know myself & I know that 12 months of buying no fabric is simply not realistic. I don't want to set myself up for failure & I think a pledge to only buy solids, fabrics on sale & vintage fabrics just might be a promise I can keep. :-}

New Year's Day was cold & dreary -- a perfect day for staying warm & cozy with fabric & sewing machine, thoughtfully, methodically tackling my list.
But what did I do?
I began something new.

The Road to Too Many WIPs is paved with good intentions.

Wednesday, December 31, 2014


I hope all of you had a good Holiday -- actually with your loved ones or with them in your heart. Shug & I went North to be with our families & had a good & busy time. While this was my 2nd Christmas without parents, it was the first spent with my brother; his daughters are now living in another state, so our get-together was just the 4 of us, establishing new traditions & having a good time. My Christmas quilts were gifted & I'm pretty sure they were all liked as well as I liked making them.

So looking back, I guess I had kind of a good year. 16 finished quilts -- there were even a few small ones that I didn't share. Looking at the mosaic, first thing I notice is -- What a lot of SQUARES! I don't know how that happened, normally, my go-to shape is triangles, but apparently 2014 was smazoochie's year for squares! I have to say that my favorites are the out-liers, the thin sides of my 2014 bell-curve of squares -- the Snow Flurries quilt & the Color Party quilt. Both were a bit outside of my comfort zone & both, in my opinion, came out pretty well.

I looked up the goals I made for the year back in January --  how did I do?
  1. Well, healthy? Not so much. That is the top of my list again this year.
  2. Sewing my stash & scraps? Again, not so much. In spite of making 16 quilts, I am afraid there was NOT a net loss to my stash.
  3. I definitely made the 3 quilts using the shirts & the 4th is poised to commence. I even got to a few of others on that list: bow ties, 16-patch, maple leaves.
  4. Very sadly, not a single pompom. No circles, all squares. :-(

Stay tuned for my 2015 resolutions, hopes & aspirations.


Friday, December 19, 2014

Merry & Happy to all y'all!

Sending to you my warmest quilt-y wishes for a Safe & Wonderful Holiday
and for a
Blessed, Peaceful & Healthful 2015!

See you next year!