Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Pictureless Tuesday

I am visiting my Mom, so away from the home computer & unable (read, don't know how) to upload images from my iPad--so no pictures today.

I am uncomfortable when conversations linger too long on me. I am not good at receiving compliments. So I am VERY ill-at-ease with the attention I am getting for Skirting the Circle. I am completely humbled & staggered by the very, very nice things people are saying about it. Thank you all so much. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I am not resting on my laurels though. I am thinking about my next finishes. When I got to the quilting of the last quilt, I posted requests for help and suggestions. I got some excellent advice and support.

But one suggestion kind of stung.
Bobbidink suggested that I take some classes, add to my tool box. In my reply to her, with my pouty lower lip implied, I said I've been quilting for years, taken free-motion classes, walking foot classes. I know HOW to quilt, I just didn't know WHAT to quilt. But the more I thought about her kindly meant comment, the more I wondered if I have a tool in my toolbox that I don't use, can I really say I "have" that tool? Perhaps not.

I have three finished tops, four more near completion. With these nascent quilts I am going to experiment--free-motion, walking foot, hand quilting. I am going to do something new! (Well, new to me.)

Thank you Bobbidink for your valuable comment. It hit home and, I hope, will make me a better quilt maker.

Addendum: I don't want anyone to misunderstand. I was a little hurt by Bobbidink's constructive criticism--at first. But she said to me exactly what I needed to hear! I did a lot of self-examination and saw that I was being a bit lazy, doing the same things over & over again. I am nervous, but I am now ready to push my boundaries. There may be some dismal failures but I know I will grow as a quilt-maker.
Again, my sincere thanks Bobbidink!


Dan R said...

The most useful things I take away from design classes are never on the syllabus. Things like how to use a skill in a way you never imagined, or a new trick to make some underlying step so much easier.

My confession: I've never taken a quilting class. My design studio experience is all in landscape design. My quilting knowledge is all from books, the internet, me making it up as I go along, and my MQG peeps. Our access to information is amazing these days. I think it's the wisdom that is harder to find without teachers and fellow students.

Rachaeldaisy said...

Now I'm worried about complimenting you, but I can't help it - you're wonderful!! I just saw Skirting The Circle over at Modern Day Quilts, that's really so exciting!!
I've been pulling my old neglected tops out with the aim of quilting them too. I've just quilted one, it's not at all perfect but it was more an exercise to try different things. In fact I was inspired by you and your recent quilting. I really like that you push yourself to try new things. I wish you a lovely time with your mum.

MariQuilts said...

Enjoy your day in the sun.....it's a beautiful quilt, you did an amazing job.

About the other....we can always learn something new...I love that part of quilting.

Bobbidink Designs said...

Smaz- I feel bad that my comment was negative for you. Oddly I almost never really say much on comments but I was so moved by your honest post about being stuck that I sat for a long time thinking, " what would I do?" because I really wanted to help solve your problem. Which made me think about my own evolution as a quilter and how much machine quilting classes had helped me when I was in your place. Perhaps that isn't the right thing for you, you know you best and it sounds like you already have some great ideas for expansion. I am sorry to have troubled you before and please know my comment was well meant!