Saturday, December 24, 2011

Not a smitch of stitching.*

I know I am not alone: things have been so busy & hectic that unless we've been burning the midnight oil to finish gift projects (not me, thankfully -- this year I recognized my limits) we've hardly made it into our sewing areas at all.

I've been finding it hard to get into the spirit of the Holidays. I've been tired, sad and grumpy. But I finally sat myself down and said "Get a grip!!!" So I am counting my blessings and trying to see the glass as half full. Then I started thinking about this picture --

shirley christmas

I think this was the Christmas that I was 5. My Mom got me a Shirley Temple doll a few months before Christmas, then spent lots of time sewing her a wardrobe. Now before you start thinking that I am *much* older than I really am let me point out that Shirley Temple is a contemporary of my Mom's. The dolls were re-issued when I was little and, probably as much for herself as for me, she bought one. I don't really remember this Christmas morning, but I have always loved this photo. There is Shirley down there under the tree. And look at the tree! All the little outfits hanging on hangers!! This is what Christmas is about!

So I dug out old Shirley and her clothes. I washed and pressed them, dressed up Shirley and hung the rest on the tree. (Which we only put up yesterday.) Since Shug and I will be home this holiday, we can do a little decorating. And while we will miss being with the families, I am heaving a big sigh of relief to not be traveling. I got out a few more things and it is really beginning to look and feel much more like Christmas.

our tree

more clothes

the mantle

rhinestone trees

Season's Greetings to Everyone and a Happy, Healthy and Blessed 2012!
love, Beth aka Smazoochie

* My thanks -- and apologies -- to Zuzu Bailey.


Manda said...

I love the little outfits as decorations! I hope you have a good rest, happy christmas!

MariQuilts said...

I had to give myself the same talk...I have so much to be thankful for.

Have a wonderful Christmas...the doll clothes are adorable.

Rachaeldaisy said...

I was just about email you to wish you a Merry Christmas but here you are ! I'm sorry to hear you've had a higgledy piggledy lead up to Christmas but I'm glad you found some festive fun. I loved hearing about your doll with all her clothes. Gbf and I are enjoying a quiet Christmas of just the two of us, it's so nice not to be rushing off somewhere. Have a wonderful holiday time!!!

Nifty Quilts said...

Oh, what a great way to celebrate--remembering fond moments and gifts from your dear mother. I've been not in the mood, too. Keeping it simple this year feels good. Maybe it's our age--even though we're really NOT that old!

Karamat said...

Merry Christmas!!

Sujata said...


Merry Christmas!
I think what I love about the Christmas is making memories and revisiting them year after year! You had a great one to share. I loved reading about your doll and her cloths.
Have a wonderful day!

Kim Carney said...

That reminds me when I would sit patiently at my grandmother's side while she whipped me up some Barbie outfits. I gave myself the same "get a grip" speech ;) and if it hasn't been bought and wrapped ... we will all survive here.

LOVE Shirley under the trees with hanging clothes!

Merry Christmas!!!!

Sherri ~ daintytime said...

Merry Christmas Beth!