Sunday, May 13, 2012

Retreat & More

It has been a week since I returned from the HMQG Quilt Retreat. I -- and I think everyone else -- had a wonderful, productive time. Time away from our daily lives & the ability to do NOTHING but sew was exactly what many of us needed. The meals were great, the company was great, the only problem was it was just a day (or 2) too brief. Nearly everyone finished -- or made major progress -- on at least one project. Some had 4 or 5 tops finished by the time we left Deepwoods Retreat on Sunday. (If you want to learn how to make efficient use of your time, ask a busy Mom!)

awesomeness on the design walls

frieda's tumbler

tammy's hsts & chi's white, gray & yellow

saf, jaclyn & liz

I took with me the fixin's for about 11 different projects. I had decided that my first priority was the yellow zigzag top -- it was built on the diagonal & had outgrown my design door. As I was laying out the rows I was thinking I might use some of the remaining blocks on the back. But as I came to my last rows I ran out of blocks! I was short by 2!! I would have been panicked but I knew that I had some leftover fabric at home. I joined in on the jelly roll race & came in dead last. (Woo Hoo!) I had planned to work on my Swoon blocks -- I had all the parts for 8 additional blocks cut & ready to put on the assembly line, but I had mis-cut one element for all of them. And -- of course -- it was too small rather than too big. So I moved on to another project. I came home with 2 finished (well, nearly finished) tops, great memories & a desire to go back SOON!

what i accomplished at retreat

I also came home with more fabric than I left with. There were awesome gift bags for everyone! (Thanks Fat Quarter Shop & Pink Chalk Fabrics!) I got 2 "cutie packs" -- 2.5 inch squares -- of Circa 1934 (I think these will be cute used with linen, maybe raw-edge appliqued) & a layer cake of Malka Dubrawsky's Stitched in Color!!!! I can't wait to begin something with that!

circa 1934

stitched in color

When I got home, I was still in that GO mode. I built a daisy cottage for an internet friend

daisy cottage

& (finally!) worked on my blocks for the QuiltCon Block Challenge. After I got my stack of fabrics in the required colors, I was sitting at my sewing machine & noticed how they matched the little Avon mug I have sitting in my window. So that became one of my blocks. (I think it is pretty darn cute.)

the inspiration

the block

Happy Mother's Day!!!

happy mother's day


Karamat said...

Love your block!! The flowers are fantastic.

And I thought your finish time for the Jelly Roll Race was amazing given all the new Janomes you were up against :)

O'Quilts said...

I love this post. I love the Christmas tree picture which is absolutely just like the one I have, right down to the same drapes. I love the fabric you got and your flower patch and especially the pix of you and your Mom. Because I am so sick, my husband took flowers to my mother and set up the Skype. We Skyped for about 15 min. I thought it was a lovely visit until she fell asleep, head on her chest in the middle of her own sentence. Later, she told my sister she had not heard from me(: I am still grateful. Happy Mother's Day to you.

Nifty Quilts said...

Wow! All of you are so talented and productive. Must've been a very fun time. Love your new tops and flower block!

amy and the bad cats said...

the quiltcon block is great! and the mother's day pic collage is sweet!

safieh said...

Adorable pics of you and your mom!

Rachaeldaisy said...

I like the way you have design walls at your retreat! And so many amazing projects being worked on. It would have been fun doing a jelly roll race altogether! I reckon I would come last too. :) I'm in love with that house block, I hope it's for a certain daisy I know. And love your quilt con flower block!!

MariQuilts said...

Sounds like you had a fabulous time.