Thursday, July 12, 2012

A breath of fresh air

A week or so ago, the temperatures were blistering at over 100 F (about 38 C) with really high humidity -- not as hot as some places, but we had an added bonus. A high pressure system was sitting over us making it not just hot & miserable but, dangerous as well! Smog & ozone levels were said to be !Unsafe for Anyone!

Thankfully, several days later clouds & rain moved in, dropping the temps down into the 90s -- even the 80s! -- much more do-able!

Beside the break in the weather, I had a special treat waiting for me in the mailbox! And while it made me feel warm inside, it didn't make me feel hotter. ;-)

My e-buddy, O'Quilts had recently posted about some things she had made for a baby shower. I had admired them & commented on how bad I was at baby gifts. Well, she very kindly offered to share with me the pattern she used for the baby bibs & asked if I would also like her pattern for adult bibs as well. O'Quilts & I are both dealing with Mothers in nursing care -- her's has Parkinson's, mine has Alzheimer's -- so we understand each other & understand the need for things like a bib for your Mom. She promptly got the patterns posted along with a cheery quilted coaster (in use in my studio), a cute little needle book (will go in my travel sewing kit) & a fun bit of fabric featuring a fried egg breakfast. The only thing missing is the salsa & tortillas!


Thanks O'Quilts! You are awesome!!!


O'Quilts said...

Silly, that is...salsa and tortillas on their way!

Rachaeldaisy said...

That's a great parcel to find in the mail!! And a great friend to have!! Nice one!!

MulticoloredPieces said...

After admiring your beautiful quilts at Rachaeldaisy, I came over to enjoy your blog. Turns out, it's a small world, I know the very generous O'Quilts, too. And fortunately, I'm only suffering from the heat, not too much humidity. A few years back, I was at UT Austin and remember the humidity well!
best from Tunisia,

safieh said...

What a great package, I can't wait to see your finished bibs!

Karen said...

Hi there Beth. Just popping over from Rachael's to say hi and tell you how fabulous your house block and quilts are.

Marg said...

I'm visiting from Rachael's too. Your house block is fabulous and I loved seeing your beautiful quilts.