Monday, September 03, 2012

Streak of Lightning QAL -- Peakies & Dippies

That is what I've started calling the block pair that make up this quilt: Peakies & Dippies.

The Peakies are the ones that have the upward part of the lightning bolt -- the peak -- on the bottom of the block; the Dippies have the downward part of the bolt -- the dip -- on the bottom.

Oh well, it makes sense to me.

My top may be done, though I am toying with the idea of adding another row on one side, just to make it a bit wider -- it would better fit the guest bed that way, maybe even Shug's & my bed. Either way -- more piecing or layering to quilt -- I think I'm going to let it rest for a while before I move ahead.

Laura's Lightning

Back-lit Laura's Lightningg

I *might* rest too!

p.s. I've been saving the scraps from these blocks, thinking about Beth's Dump and Sew project. Now this method really scares me! I am not a natural at this kind of quilt-making, but I want to try spreading my wings, so I'll give it a go!


O'Quilts said...

WOW How impressed am I at the peakies and dippies!!! Finished, amazing.

Sujata Shah said...

I love the name Peakies and Dippies. It's funny how we come up with ways to remember the order of sewing a block in order to avoid the seam ripper. I must talk to myself so much while I sew.
I love the marriage of prints & colors in your quilt top. It looks perfect for a guest room bed.

Julianne said...

You lightening bolts look great! My top is complete with its borders, just need to make my first attempt at "basting spray"...wish me luck!

MariQuilts said...

Peakies and Dippies......makes perfect sense to me.

Ailsa (Cape Pincushion) said...

Wow looks great!

Rachaeldaisy said...

Peakies and Dippies are great names! Your top is really wonderful!! Make it big enough to fit on the guest bed because if Im ever lucky enough to visit I'd want this quilt. The fabrics work so well together!! Great photo of the sun shining through making it glow.

O'Quilts said...

Wow on your Quilt Con blocks..u have been a busy bee!

capitolaquilter said...

Turned out fabulous, congrats. I loved seeing your QuiltCon block features today.

Nifty Quilts said...

It's fabulous!!! I love all the pink and fuchsia, along with the black, red and orange. I might have to call it, "Wild Thing." It's such a wonderful and unfettered mix of color and pattern. LOVE IT!!