Sunday, January 10, 2016

2015, 2016

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday! Ours was crazy busy! We drove North to see the family -- ALL the family. We were very tightly scheduled -- if this is Wednesday, these people must be Shug's family & like that. We saw everyone, even had some bonus visits. Besides seeing family, we also saw a really magical light display.

I have to say I am kind of glad to see the backside of 2015. It wasn't really a bad year, just one with quite a lot of expensive maintenance & repairs needed for our home, our vehicles, our pets & ourselves. Let me repeat, there was nothing really bad or serious, just a continual squeezing of our wallets.

Making-wise, it was a pretty good year. Shug turned some really amazing pieces. This one is my especial favorite.

It wasn't a big production year for me. I spent quite a lot of time piecing & quilting a scrappy Arkansas Crossroads quilt -- which is still not finished -- it needs something more, I'm just not sure what it needs -- quilting? tying? something in the 16-patch squares. I made & gave away 6 quilts -- that is always satisfying. And 2 finishes remain in house: my version of last year's plus quilts made with my parents' shirts & Laura's Lightning. Both were long-time WIPs that I was glad to finish & I am quite pleased with both.

What do I hope for 2016? Firstly, fewer trips to the repair shop. Then there will be 2 milestone birthdays this year, for both I want to make quilts for the birthday girls. There are always a heap of WIPs that I want to see become finished quilts. Also as usual, I want to make a serious dent in my over-accumulation of fabric -- to give, to donate, to keep. And there are quilt blocks I want to explore -- more flying geese, more pluses, maybe baskets, log cabins/house tops? I've only ever made one of those, & how about something very different from anything I've ever done, like a big appliqued princess feather!

Please stay tuned!


Julierose said...

Such lovely quilts--I am planning a Courthouse Steps Log Cabin QAYG for my next college bound grandchild...her favorite color is lavender--so I will have to come up with some kind of palette for that next--almost done with putting borders on the backing for Steven's quilt--resting arms.shoulders ugh!! Hugs Julierose

Sujata Shah said...

I wish your fewer than few trips to the repair shops. it's nice to have quilting related plans. I like the idea of reducing the stash. I can not wait to do that this year. Make many quilts and lessen the load in the sewing room.
Have a Healthy and Happy New Year, Beth!

O'Quilts said...

How in the world did I ever miss that post with Shrug's beautiful...awesome..etc piece. Stunning...Two artists in one house....And that is a great picture of the Christmas in Kansas. Sorry about the money...what can I say? It is totally always something. You and I both are hoping for a different 2016...hugs from Charlotte.

Nifty Quilts said...

Now that everything is fixed, looks like a good year to come. I love your cross quilt with your parents' shirts. Really special.

Ruth said...

I have a feeling our 2016 is going like your 2015. I hope your new year will be creative and all that you hope for.

So sad that you hoped to get some of Leslie's scraps! I bought a couple groups, and then when my husband saw how happy I was, he told me to buy up the rest for Christmas! Whoosh! Let me know if there was something in particular you wanted, and I'll send it to you.