Monday, April 04, 2016

Quite contrary

Not long after I did my first Creatures in My Stash post, I was at an HMQG gathering. A group of us were chatting, when one of the young women in the chatting group said to me, "Oh, you're the one with the owls."
Was there actually a what-stinks look on her face or was it just in the tone of her voice?
Yes, sweetie, I am the one with the owls.

After that, this same person became in charge of the Guild's swaps & challenges & handed out a list of fabrics that were unacceptable for participation in them:

no batiks
no blenders
no reproductions
no novelties
nothing from the big box stores
etc, etc

Well, this freed up a lot of my time because, with my odd & old stash, I no longer felt welcome to participate in the swaps & challenges with my guild friends. It also made me really dig through my stash -- not to get rid of my offending fabrics, but to pull them out & try to use them in ways that Modern Quilters would not find so offensive. What began in a state of peevishness has turned out to be a whole lot of fun! I wish I could impress upon younger quilters what a thrill it is when a long-time member of one's stash comes together with some newer members & the combination makes all greater than themselves. Then there is the creative fun of trying to make something lovable from not-so-lovable fabrics -- it's easy to make something beautiful from beautiful fabrics, much more of a challenge using ones that are less than beautiful.

It isn't accurate to say I don't love the owls & browns (all from big box stores, not a single designer's name on any selvage) in this project, because I really do -- the chocolate-y browns & the big-eyed owls really make me happy. But somehow it had gotten sidetracked. I pulled it out early this year & have been building away at it. Then Shug said that he really likes it, could see it as a summer quilt on the bed. Well OK then. The quilt of undetermined size that I had been dabbling at now became a quilt of determined -- & quite large -- size that I was motivated to finish.
Time to get sewing!

p.s. Did you notice my new banner? I thought it was time for a fresh look. And my new "picture"? My avatar, if only I was as cute as her! It was recommended that I add an email update feature, useful since my blog posts have become pretty erratic & a translator, if English is not your first language or if you want to see if I make more sense in Urdu than in English.


Nifty Quilts said...

I love your new banner! That quilt is one of my favs' of yours. Lots of crazy fabric combinations--pretty with wild. Anyway, I appreciate your "courage" to use the browns and owls. It's turning out to be another beauty. The most endearing thing about it will be the owls. Looks like I've been missing your posts, so I signed up for the emails. Good idea!

Daffycat said...

Partridge fabric! There's Partidges in there. I love it!

I'd be tossed out of the guild on my ear, I'm afraid.

Quiltdivajulie said...

I suspect I would no longer be attending that set of guild meetings . . . i love my stash and the quilts that come from it - batiks, blenders, and all the rest. Sigh --- (and yes, I really do like your new header and avatar)

Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

It seems to me her list would have been shorter if she said what you could put in instead of all of the NOs.

Rebecca in AK said...

What fabric is left?? Love the quilt you are working on!

Rachaeldaisy said...

I noticed your new banner straight away!! Phooey to fabric snobbery! I'm so glad that it's spurred you on to make fun quilts with what you have. I remember when you first showed us the owls and its great to see it growing.

Julierose said...

There are NO bad fabrics in and of themselves--"te gustibus no erat disputandum" as my Dad would say (each to his own taste....sounds like Lotsa rules--enough already!!) I love your animal fabrics --I have that owl fabric and used strips of it in a small woodland wallhanging and I love it...Anyhoo--I agree--"Boo" to fabric snobs..I also do (gasp) raw edges and leave thread hanging--ohmygosh!!LOL

Love your new banner...and your avatar, too...hugs and continue going your own way...I know I will....hugs, Julierose

Ailsa (Cape Pincushion) said...

I noticed your new banner right away. I love it! I enjoyed reading your post, in fact I laughed out loud in the office! There are definitely no bad fabrics, in fact, the more odd the better, it really makes something extra-special!

Tonya Ricucci said...

makes you want to join the swap of fun, screwy, novelty, odd-ball fabrics...

audrey said...

I enjoyed so much about this post! The challenge of using the odd-bits with the newer ones and how some people just don't get it at all. Been there and loved trying to show them where they were wrong.:) lol It really pushes you!

Barb said...

yea for us "owl" and other weird fabric lovers. The quilt police seems to be alive and thriving :(
Do You I love your style
is this the "stacks" pattern?

Paula, the quilter said...

I'd get tossed out of that guild onto my keester! I mix up all the no-no fabrics in that list. And yes, I use batiks with novelties. Love the new banner.

O'Quilts said...

AMEN sista....I have had restrictions put on me too and I react the very same way..Love your new look. I had to scroll down all the comments to be sure that I did not do two or three already....!!!!

Sharon said...

What a fun post, and I totally agree with all the other commentors! I have lots, and love to use, all the novelties and fun/funky fabrics. Pooh on fabric snobs! They don't know what they're missing. And probably don't have much of a stash either. When you've been sewing lots of years, you'll end up with some odd-ball fabrics in your stash.

And Tonya already does "the swap of fun, screwy, novelty, odd-ball fabrics", doesn't she? And we all love it.

I love your new header - I LOVE that quilt of yours! - and your avatar.

I think your owls/brown scraps quilt is great! And that's coming from someone who does not love brown. I think it's great fun, and quite "modern" while still coming from the quilt tradition of using scraps of older fabrics. You go, girl!

roccagal said...

Great post! I think there are lots of us out there who like brown AND owls!!! I know I do!!! I am totally in agreement that the stash is a treasure and I get a thrill using up my oldies but goodies.
Thanks for sharing. Love the new banner and the new quilt too!