Monday, October 03, 2016

Finally finished & on to new things

I quite literally let out a "WHOOP" when I finished the plum & gray quilt. (I don't know why, even though it seems a little pretentious, I feel compelled to name my quilts. This one I have dubbed "Rock the Casbah". The rich colors & the pattern make me think of Morocco. And then there is the memory of walking past my 3 or 4-year-old niece's room, she was in there playing with her dolls & singing "rock the casbah, rock the casbah". So, the plum & gray quilt is "Rock the Casbah".) Then I said a prayer to the goddess of quilts in transit & sent it on a journey to its owner.

It arrived safely & -- my Birthday Girl loved it. So pleased, so relieved. Her sister said the nicest thing, "it really is "her"". {happy sigh}

After that, there was a period of post-finish slump, that little let-down after something you have worked on long & hard is finally done. Then I started thinking about what is next. Of course, there are the WIPs/UFOs I pulled out as diversions while working on Rock the Casbah -- WIPs still, just a little farther along. And there are the new projects I began, also as diversions -- broken dishes with the 60s prints, hummingbirds with Cherrywood scraps, string blocks. But, something new, what could that be? Handwork, hand-sewing, has been on my mind. Appliqué? English paper piecing? Plain, old hand-piecing? Hmmm? Well, since moderation is not my strong suit, how about one of each? I was in the process of planning 2 queen-sized EEP quilts & a hand-pieced quilt & a big 4-block applique quilt, when I gave myself a shake & said, "hold your horses, Big Eyes, lets keep your focus small." So I am thinking of a 4-block applique (or maybe just one block, we'll see) with EEP hexagon flowers & a second project of hand-pieced bow ties. Those sound do-able!


Julierose said...

such a lovely finish--glad she liked it!! hugs, Julierose

Nifty Quilts said...

Wow! I love looking at this quilt. And what a reward of inspiration you've gotten from giving this generous gift! Surely your niece will enjoy it all her life. Looking forward to seeing whatever you do next.

Quiltdivajulie said...

"Hold your horses, Big Eyes!" - what a GREAT phrase to rein ourselves in when the "I could do this" outweighs the "I already have that" to work on nonsense.

O'Quilts said... it finished!!! And you survived all well and intact. I am happy to see the beauty of it...and it is lovely!! And your quilty mind racing to the next event...I will stay tuned!! xxoo

audrey said...

What a great quilt! Love the pattern. I always think it's a bit pretentious to name my quilts too, but I think other quilters understand perfectly.:)