Monday, December 13, 2010

Butterscotch 4-Patch Circle Quilt

4-patch circle
I didn't love this pattern when I first saw it. It is a Jaybird Quilts design and appeared in Quilts and More. Then I saw my friend Bry's version of it and quite liked it. (She hasn't posted hers yet.) I said to her, what if the patterned fabrics were 4-patches? and went home to look through my stash. I found a layer cake that was a perfect candidate. I also had on hand the butterscotch Kona solid that went perfectly with *some* of the line, so I pulled the patterns that 'went', cut them into fourths, sewed them back together, cut out the circles and placed them on the solids. I'm not a fan of the frayed look so I loosely zigzagged the circles into place.

I also have a second, slightly smaller version made with the rest of the layer cake--though I didn't do the 4-patch thing with it.

Here is a photo of when I was trying to find a lay out I liked.
when your design wall is the floor

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Bry said...

WOw, Beth it came out beautifully!! I love the 4 patch approach!