Friday, February 18, 2011

I LOVE this quilt!

Today I am looking at a Very Merry Merry-Go-Round by RachaelDaisy.

Very Merry Merry Go Round Quilt

I'm not sure where to start with this one. There is SO MUCH there. The block is the challenging and old-school Queen of May. But there is nothing old fashioned about the way it was interpreted here. I think every color in the spectrum is represented and while the palette is wildly exuberant, it is a controlled exuberance: the brights and the pales, the darks and the lights, the patterned and the plain--it all balances out. The skillfully pieced blocks on their fields of bright polka dots are further balanced by the sashing of intuitively string-pieced bands.
There aren't many solids in this quilt. And the prints are a little bit of everything; there are cupcakes and sugar skulls, puppies and paisleys, fruits and flowers and flamingos, and lots and lots of dots! The lucky person who got this quilt (the caption makes it sound like it was a gift) would never get bored looking at it!
This image doesn't show the quilting, but other images in RachaelDaisy's flickr stream do. The detail we see shows hand quilting using a heavier thread (it looks blue). On this quilty version of a bear-hug, the addition of hand quilting is like a gentle kiss on the forehead.
The challenge I take from this quilt is to try a block that I don't think I can make--I have always admired these wheeled blocks but have never ventured to try to make one. I would also like to try beginning a quilt that had neither theme nor color range. This quilt makes me want to just jump in and sew!

You can find this quilt in my flickr gallery "I LOVE these quilts!".


Rachaeldaisy said...

Gosh!! What an wonderful review of my quilt! It's quite amazing hearing it described by someone else. Thank you so so much. I hand quilted with perle 8 cotton in different clashing colours. It was made for my sister in law because her birthday is in May. She was encouraging about my quilting from my first very unperfect quilt and is such a colourful person.

melissa said...

That is such a bright, happy, smiley quilt! And what a fantastic job Rachael has done on those tricky blocks! Amazing!

Chris said...

Rachael has done an amazing job on this beautiful quilt.
She's not afraid of colour and loves to use all of them!
Well done.

Lynne (Lily's Quilts) said...

Great review, this is one of my faves too - I love Rachael's use of colour always and her skill with these kinds of difficult blocks makes me very envious. As a florist, I think perhaps she has an understanding of and instinct with colour that I can only dream of.

MariQuilts said...

An amazing quilt and great write up.