Monday, September 12, 2011

Dress your family in polyester, corduroy & flannel *

I have been having fun with some pretty odd fabrics these days.

The polyester doubleknit friendship stars that I found at my Mom's house is about 3/7 done. The Easter egg pastels were either un-used yardage or left-over scraps from dress making by my Mom & both of my grandmothers. (Though one was from my prom dress -- NO laughing!) They were all good church women, so I am thinking of calling the finished comforter something like Sunday School Stars or Full Immersion Stars or Church Lady Stars. (Please feel free to voice your opinion.) Sewing doubleknit is a bit like sewing corrugated cardboard; it is hard to imagine wearing a dress made of this stuff -- it must have been like a suit of armor! And it makes this weird, sludge-like lint in my machine. I've been digging deep into my old stash and found some flannel with pastel cats that will be good for the back.

poly stars

From nifty quilts I learned about National Corduroy Appreciation Day -- 11 November 2011, 11-11-11, of course! I used to save corduroy for quilt making, but jettisoned all of it several moves ago. But I do still have a top that my Mom and I found thrifting probably 25 years ago. I pulled it out and found *another* huge chunk of flannel (cowboys!) for the back. Now it is ready to prep for tying.


* My apologies to David Sedaris, though I think his sister, Amy, would approve.


Nifty Quilts said...

I LOVE your polyester and corduroy! In fact, I was looking for inspiration for my 11-11-11 quilt, and now I think you've supplied it.
Ah, the not-so-fond memories of polyester double knit. My grandmother used to teach classes in sewing with it. There was a special stitch to it could stretch. She made swim suits for me and a pink suit for my grandfather!

Ginger said...

That corduroy quilt top is killing me! I might have to print and it and start Kona matching. The vibe is exactly what I'm into right now!