Monday, September 19, 2011

Turn turn turn

Shug has been turning wood for just a little more than 2 months now -- and look at what he has spun out!

2 month's work

There are 14 pieces there, of varying quality, though the quality is getting better and better. There are 2 bowls upstairs on my sewing table (one with spools, one with patchwork parts) and there are a few -- though just a few -- failed attempts. Pretty impressive I think!

He is getting much more done than I am. These days, I can't seem to do anything more complicated than browse blogs, flickr, pinterest & tumblr and play find-it games on my I-Pad. It isn't that I don't have PLENTY of needle-ready projects. Here are just some of them, along with my lame excuses:

The squared plates have been disassembled, squared & are ready to re-assemble, but, well, the design wall is full. The blue postage stamp top is ready to sandwich, but the table where I do this is covered with wooden bowls. The quilting threads in snafu need to be restitched & anchored, but I am still to irritated to work with this one.

 to finish
I think the shirts & slacks quilt will be about 5 or 6 blocks by 6 or 7, so I still need many more of them, but I can only work on them for a short time because they make me sad. (I think this one is a real excuse.)

to piece

I just need to make more pieces for the indigo & white stars -- just haven't made the time. The yellow zig-zag is built diagonally so I need lots of space to spread it out; it is about 3/4 done & is pretty big. I am working on the Sunday School Stars -- the one thing I am getting done!

more to finish

I want to add more borders to my Habitat challenge but need to get some more Habitat fabric. Come on! That means a trip to the fabric store! Surely I can 'motivate' myself to do that! The hexagons came to a screeching halt back in January or February, I don't even remember why, but I am sure it was a good reason. And I just dug out the purple & gray squares in squares. They were going to be a gift for someone, but I came up with something I liked better. The parts are all cut for this, it would be an excellent donation quilt, I just need, well you know, MOTIVATION!

still more to finish

I am always encouraging people to be easy on themselves, but I am the last one to take my own advice. Like the song in this post's title, there is a time for everything. I had several pretty good finishes this summer, so maybe I can take some time to rest & recharge. (Though Ecclesiastes doesn't mention anything about the internet or computer games.)

And check this out! HMQG's Habitat Challenge projects! AWESOME!!!

HMQG - Habitat Challenge


Bry said...

Motivation is a problem for me too!! We both need a kick in the rear. And tell Petie I love the bowls!

Nifty Quilts said...

Sounds like time to start something new! Great bowls and other projects.

Rachaeldaisy said...

Shug's bowls are amazing!! I loved seeing all your projects. It is hard to get motivated some days, but I think you'll get back into the swing of things soon. I'm slow to stitch these days too. Other things seem to come up. I really love the photo of the HMQG! There's so much colour, big smiles and wonderful challenge pieces!!

Ginger said...

haha! so, funny story, I've been searching for hours to find that name of that pixelated fabric on the internet and BAM! there it is... right on your blog! You are a life saver! I'm really into the pixel thing right now and think this Habitat will look just smashing next to some ruby star spring!! Wieeeee!!