Saturday, June 23, 2012

To Do List

I am coming along well with my Stitched in Color HSTs. The top is nearly done & I really like how it looks. I am scratching my head a bit as to how I will quilt it & what I will back it with. I will have LOTS of HSTs left over, so I may -- for the first time -- have patchwork on the back! I know, I know, I am always the very last one to follow the new fashion, but I am more of a Path Finder than a Trail Blazer.


 I am also trying to get something quilted this month for my 12 in '12 finishes. There is the New Wave top done up in bluebonnet prints & plaids that should be pretty simple to quilt & should go quickly. Keep you fingers crossed on that one.

 I  want to make 2 tote bags for gifts. One I want to give this fall; I already have the fabric for this one. The other is for later this month & I don't even have the fabric for it yet! (This one may be given a bit late.) I am counting on guidance & support from my guild members for these projects.

And  Shug wants me to make him a shirt. My shirt-making skills are a bit rusty but since this is a birthday request (his birthday was earlier this month) & since it is for Shug, I'll give it a go. I hope shirt-making is like bicycle-riding & that it will easily come back to me.

 But as I toil away with these, a new QAL has caught my eye: the Low Volume QAL. I already had an idea in my head that would use up some 2.5 inch squares I have, in fact, I took the squares with me when I went to the HMQG retreat -- but I didn't get to them. I also have a big stack of pastel, old-school calicos that I have always wanted to do something with. Now seems like the perfect opportunity to pull out these projects, join the group & get them going! No time like the present, right?!?




Claudia said...

Nice layout with the HST's, love the movement and bright colors,

Manda said...

Lots to keep you busy! I will keep my fingers crossed for you. And I love the bright HSTs quilt! :)

susan said...

such fun! glad you joined us. those are some fun looking calicos

Karamat said...

Great looking projects!! And so happy to see you on Instagram :)

Rachaeldaisy said...

That's a lots of fun projects to keep you busy!! I really like your half triangles!! and that pile of calicos are so pretty.

Nifty Quilts said...

I love the way you've set your hst's! Great quilt. The low volume project looks intriguing. Are there instructions somewhere?