Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Off the Rails

OK, it is the 2nd day of the new year & I'm already deviating from my Quilting Resolutions!

Actually, my head was turned well before the year began. Shug & I have been traveling -- a lovely week in the midlands Christmas-ing with our families, 1 day home, then off down the coast for a few days of nature & relaxing. I put away my sewing machine on 18 December & have only now gotten it back out! 14 days without sewing makes one weak -- well, actually two weeks, but, well. Ahem!

 stockings were hung

shug on the beach

Anyway, while I wasn't sewing, I was watching Instagram (do you Instagram? I do & I love it!) & seeing an avalanche of scrappy trip around the world blocks. So much fun! I was mentally going through my stash, trying to decide what mine would look like. As soon as the sand had settled from our travels, I was literally going through my stash, picking my fabrics. And here I go!

candy scrappy trip along


Karamat said...

Love the blocks!! And welcome home from your travels.

Becca said...

Weeks away from one's machine can be dangerous for to do lists. Ask me how I know!

I love that pic of the sand. It looks like the quilt I'm quilting... :)

Nifty Quilts said...

I've been tempted by those blocks too. Yours look great. Now I'm even MORE tempted!

Rachaeldaisy said...

I couldn't resist either. Aren't they fun to make. I love the colours you've used. I've gone totally colourful with a bit of everything thrown in.