Monday, April 21, 2014

I like big blocks & I cannot lie

I've had a few projects recently that were made up of pretty little parts. So after some small sewing, I decided to sew big for a bit.

A while back, Victoria at Bumble Beans was making Winged Squares -- delightful & quite old blocks -- I love them, they repeat & create some very cool patterns -- so I decided to join her.

Only I went big -- really BIG.

I'm really starting to like big blocks. I love their bold statement. I love their Pop Art-y-ness -- you know, like giant shuttlecocks or huge, sculpted balloon animals. You really have to have the courage of your convictions when you make them. Until now the largest blocks I've made were Swoon and Modern Maples -- 24 & 12 inches, respectively. My Winged Squares are 30 inches. Four of those & I've got a quilt!

Quilting? I was thinking of using this quilt to work on my free-motion skills -- pebbling? maybe feathers in the triangles somehow? I'm not sure & am open to suggestions.


Rachaeldaisy said...

Big blocks are fun!! They're great got showing off big scale prints too. Your Winged Square top is a beauty!!
As for quilting - I know it's not free-motion but it would look great with concentric circles coming out from the center, curves playing with the sharp angles of triangles. Or you could do a medallion of FMQ patterns. Feathers for a border, pebbles as another border, a central motiff. That way you get to play with different designs? Whatever you do will be wonderful, you have that way of choosing the right design.

Nifty Quilts said...

Yea! Go bold. This block is a great way to feature your fun fabric. Four of these will make a great quilt!

Staci said...

This is gorgeous!
Winged Square is a block I've wanted to play with for a while, but now I want to go dig through my stash and start a giant version right now. Brilliant!