Monday, June 15, 2015

More rain

Crafturday dawned dark & dreary -- 100% chance of rain, flash flood warning, blah, blah, blah.

But it was a fine day to spend stitching.
I had the urge to add borders to the loud, medallion-y thing I started a while ago. The floral fabric is a satin weave & was starting to fray, so I wanted to get it sealed in a seam. Nothing really new here, I just sewed on some borders I had auditioned earlier.

I've got about 24 hummingbird stars made. I am following Missouri Star Quilt Company instructions for this block. It is like quite a few patterns & how-tos you see these days -- that is, it is unconcerned with having the fabric's bias on the edge of the block. I have to tell you, this is hard for me to do, goes against my grain, if you will. I think many who do this use lots of starch. I am reluctant to do this because starch is made of corn & bugs like corn. I have a constant battle with silverfish & I don't want to actually entice them with food. Anyway, you can see a bit of ruffling on the edge of the blocks, but I think (I hope) that will not be noticeable when I quilt it.

And in a jiff, half of this quilt is quilted. Not my best work, but fairly consistent overall.

It turned out that the weekend's weather was not as bad as it had been forecasted to be. I even got out both days for a walk.
But -- wait for it -- now we have our eyes on the Gulf because Tropical Storm Bill is out there.


O'Quilts said...

Cozy window...makes me want to quilt instead of going to bed! Or maybe write something stupid late at you will not tempt me with your cozy rainy window!! Wonderful Medalion-y thing...such fun sewing...and I never heard the name, "Humingbird Star" for that block...interesting...Glad I stayed up late enough to read this post..hugs to you.

Rachaeldaisy said...

Isn't it great when it rains and youre cosy inside with a roomful of fabric and nothing to do but sew, and you certainly made the most of your Crafterday!! Go you!! It's funny I get nervous about traditional blocks with bias edges but my liberated quilts are one big bias party and I'm fine with it. I do love your hummingbird star blocks, partly because of their name. Your medallion quilt is looking fabulous too with it's big fun geese.

cauchy09 said...

Gosh, I just love the stuff you make! Keep making and stay dry. Hoping Bill isn't too bad. xo

Tonya Ricucci said...

love the fabrics in your medallion - they're bright but not obnoxious. the poor hummingbirds are dull in comparison. looking forward to seeing the finished medallion thingy!

barbara woods said...

hope you arn't to close to "bill" i love Jenny Doan and watch her videos a lot

O'Quilts said...

Well..your crazy friend here saw this post and did I miss this one..I recognized the picture, so I thought you had used it twice...oooooo crazy me..I enjoyed it the second time as I first thought Bill was coming again..then I saw that I had already commented...ooooo Just so you know..I enjoyed it twice..hanging on by a