Monday, August 31, 2015


My finished quilts kicked it up a notch -- from 1 to 7!

A mini & a lap-sized, made with on-hand parts were shipped to new owners before I made photos. Here's one in its new home.  A big quilty hug to you, Mrs. O'Quilts.

Besides the massive amount of quilting on the hummingbird stars, I also added some perle cotton ties. I mentioned before how the block edges are all on the bias & these edges are where the heavy quilting *isn't*. So to keep the quilt from looking like a Jonathan Adler vase, I tied the block corners.

The Pop Art nail polish bottles are done -- quick & cute.

And a jelly roll race -- not completely done, binding is on & hand-sewing is in progress.

In the not-ready-to-count-as-finished-but-nearly-so category are these: I got another 2 bands of Laura's Lightning quilted -- it's another with dense, time-taking quilting -- much more to go, so please stay tuned.

Then there is my Quilt of Shame -- a wedding present? -- 12 years late! UGH! I am hanging my head. My reason -- not my excuse! -- was that the quilt was at the edge of my abilities when I began it sooooo long ago. Materials & my equipment were different back then. The all-cotton batting helped reduce -- but not eliminate -- the number of tucks on the backside but also made the huge thing weigh a TON.  Free-motioning it on my dear Bernina was hard. The deeper throat-space on the Brother is making it much simpler. The "bride & groom" will get this quilt before the year is out!


Rachaeldaisy said...

Woohoo! Go Beth! You are on a finishing spree. 12 years late just adds to the story of the quilt and makes it even more special.

Nifty Quilts said...

Congratulations on all your recent finishes! They look great. Your wedding quilt can be a celebration of the marriage lasting this long. That's something special, these days!

audrey said...

Wowsers! You are on a roll! Love that you persevered and finished up a 12 yr. project. How very cool to get it as a gift after all these years.:)

Claudia said...

All wonderful finishes but the 12 year project takes the cake! It certainly will be a very memorable present for the special couple.

fiberchick said...

Wow your finishes are inspiring. Love Nifty's sentiment about the marriage's duration. Am going to echo that sentiment to my brother when I finish his wedding quilt 15 years later :( Keep showing us your beautiful quilts!

O'Quilts said...

Oh..My...U R sooo on the pedestal here...sooo....All the finishes are inspiring, but naturally the O'Quilt's quilt takes the cake...Very loved...a reflection of you.