Sunday, October 04, 2015

Collaborating with a friend

This was a new experience for me -- working with someone to make a quilt for someone else.

I think it was Wrongturn Rojas' idea to make something with Anna Maria Horner's feathers (very generously available for free on her web site) for our mutual friend. I said we could go through my batiks for some bright blues & greens suggesting macaw feathers. We got together one day to sew. Because of the odd angles & shapes, the blocks were a little tricky to sew, but we soon had *almost* enough feathers for a quilt. Then we ran out of our background fabric! What to do?!?! How about adding a different background with some red feathers! Problem solved!

We texted back & forth one Saturday morning deciding on layout. Wrongturn assembled the blocks -- she did a BEAUTIFUL job, let me add (I would have been very casual about matching feather shafts & corner seams). We met at a fabric store & found the perfect fabrics for a border & binding. Because she put it together so well, it was super easy for me to quilt -- my go-to wiggle stitch again. Back to Wrongturn for binding; back to me for washing & a photo session.

Voila! We are both very happy with our quilt & very eager to give it to our friend!


QuiltingCyclist said...

Great story on collaboration with a friend. This is lovely and uses BATIKS!!! Missing you. mona

O'Quilts said...

Wow...very fun post and quilt.

Rachaeldaisy said...

Your friend is going to love this quilt twice as much because it was made by two of you. It's a wonderful quilt of beautiful feathers, the red ones add a spark, the blocks do look very well sewn together and I love your wavy quilting. Best of all it sounded like you had fun times working together with Wrongturn ( cute name).

Nifty Quilts said...

GREAT! The red and white blocks make it sing. Your friend is going to love this!

audrey said...

The red blocks are so sparky! Collaborations can be so much fun with the right person.:)

m. said...

The three red feathers really add to this and wow! Doesn't quilting make every top look more beautiful?! It makes me want to touch it.