Saturday, March 10, 2018

Seventh finish — Pieridae

I made this quilt as a house warming gift for a friend at work. His house, the one he & his wife built in the 1980s was severely damaged by flooding after Hurricane Harvey. He has been a widower for about 10 years & is getting on in age. He was faced with the prospect of repairing the house or starting anew, he finally made the difficult decision to leave the old house & get an undamaged one. He has been in the new house for a few months now, but is only now nearly done with sifting through 30 years of life in a house. It has been a hard & draining process for him, so I wanted to make him something special.
At work, his area is the entomology collection & his special love is butterflies & moths. So I wanted to make him a butterfly quilt -- but a butterfly quilt that isn't girly. Keeping the colors simple seemed keep it masculine, yellow & blue seemed a good choice. There are sweet little yellow butterflies called Sulphurs that I thought would be perfect. I tried drafting a Sulphur-shaped block but it looked kind of clunky, so I decided to use Elizabeth Hartman's Ghost Moth pattern.

This was a 2017 finish.


Nifty Quilts said...

It's wonderful! Perfect for a man butterfly enthusiast! Surely this will help him feel loved and appreciated while he rebuilds his life. A beautiful gift.

audrey said...

Love all the meaning in this quilt. What a great finish!