Saturday, March 10, 2018

Sixth finish — Flower Fields

A few years ago, I went with Shug to San Antonio. There was a gathering of wood-turners (yes, turners have 'guilds', retreats & big gatherings just like quilters) that he wanted to attend. Neither of us had ever been to San Antonio& the meeting was to be on the River Walk -- so, Yeah!, let's go!

Not to be sexist, but most wood-turners are men, and most of their spouses are women. In advance of the meeting, there was a call to see if any of the spouses would be interested in a quilting lounge or maybe a shop hop. The shop hop sounded fun, I had never been on one, so one day of the wood-turners' meeting, a bunch of us piled into a bus & hit the road. We went to 4 shops in the greater San Antonio area. Of course, I needed nothing, but I ended up with a lot of floral fat quarters -- they were speaking to me that day & I could see them all together in something very cheery.  A couple of years ago, I began seeing this cute quilt & knew I found a perfect setting for my florals. But, my go-with was a roll of ombre solids, so I could not exactly follow the pattern. I modified it to use 2.5 inch strips & quickly sewed up this very cheery quilt.