Monday, August 01, 2011

Dazzling... stupidity, that is.

I mentioned yesterday how I began sashing my squared plates *without* measuring them first. It isn't cute enough to call 'liberated' or 'improvisational' -- it just looks bad. So I will be removing the sashing, trimming the plates, then *re-sashing* them before I can move this one into the to-be-quilted pile.

stupid mistake 1

Then today, I began to piece the shirts and slacks blocks. Well, some of you may have already noticed that I had problems ahead -- I didn't until I pressed my first seams. I had Shug cut me a cunning little template for the Crooked Path squares; I made a drawing for him and he cut it as instructed. But, as you know, you CANNOT take a square, cut that square into two pieces, sew the pieces together and expect to still have a square!!! That is Quilting 101!!!!

stupid mistake 2

Well, I had to take a time out. The damage is not irreversible, in fact, there is no real damage. My blocks will just be smaller (and more labor-intensive) than I had planned. But, GRRRR.


Manda said...

Meh, how annoying! I'm sorry you've not had a good sewing day. I hope you have a better day tomorrow! :)

Jackie said...

That would so have happened to me too!

Rachaeldaisy said...

I would've fallen for that too! Damn.

Bry said...

I can't really say much cause I would have done the same exact thing!!! LOL! We need a sewing day with Eydie full of thread and wine!