Thursday, August 11, 2011

I LOVE these quilts!

I had so much fun with my last 'I LOVE this quilt' post when I looked at 3 quilts (I felt like a real curator!) that I thought I would do it again.

Today I'm looking at 3 quilts inspired by painters. (I am reluctant to say "artists" because I think that we who make quilts are artists.)

The first quilt was made by Maritza at m_soto and was inspired by the work of Ellsworth Kelly. Kelly is a hard-edged, minimalist painter whose work lends itself to patchwork interpretation. The randomly-placed, colored squares dissolving into the white edges are similar to several canvases by Kelly but not a re-creation of any one. The movement of the colors and the restful white spaces keep my eye busy. I am eager to see how her quilting takes this quilt beyond the painting.

The second quilt is called "Homage to Mondrian" and was made by Noga at noga quilts. This quilt was a personal challenge & Noga well-met the challenge. It is not a literal interpretation of any particular Mondrian painting, but is true to the spirit of his work. The black edging with the occasional, un-edged primary color blocks is very like the artist. She has added a bit of herself with the quilting -- the perpendicular & diagonal lines are an added 'something' that Mondrian could not achieve with paint. She has kept the edges simple with a pillow-case finish.

The third quilt was made by Fabienne at chabronico and is called "a la maniere de Vasarely". This quilt is a beautiful salute to this abstract painter. The shape-within-a-shape theme is one often seen in Vasarely's work. Fabienne has made this piece her own with the rich and varied palette of southern France. The piece is not finished in this image but she later added spiraling quilting within the ovals and a white binding. She has continued to expand this pattern with other colors and with prints -- all beautiful and all unique.
(As an aside, reading in a foreign language about a subject you know well is an excellent way to learn. "La toile thermo-collante double face" -- fusible webbing, of course!)

Inspirations for quilts are, quite literally, everywhere. Painters and architects and graphic designers are especially good. An internet image search of a painting style or a name will produce a delicious pageful of  ideas waiting to happen!


Bry said...

Will send me the link for that first quilt? I can't find it on her flickr and it is a must fave!!

noga quilts said...

Thanks so much Beth! I'm really honored and thrilled to be included in this post! I LOVE the other two quilts, thanks for finding and writing about them. Your art review is amazing. You really bring the quilts (and artists) to life, you notice and point features that we never pay attention to. You are very perceptive, thanks for sharing it with us!

Rachaeldaisy said...

I LOVE your I LOVE these Quilts posts! 3 amazing quilts! I really like your artistic approach this time!

MariQuilts said...

Beautiful quilts...wonderful post.

Michele Bilyeu said...

Thanks for the inspiration, today! Always fun to discover a new blog with lovely quilts to check out :)

Sandy said...

Best looking 5 quilts, love the art factor in all of them. But, have to say the second is my fav. Love the artist and this quilt made his art even better. Thanks for sharing and looking forward to being on or your followers. Thanks for the comment about Prozac.

reglissemint said...

Thanks for adding my quilt in your article ! I've read it with pleasure !