Friday, August 26, 2011

Welcome to my nightmare

Don't worry. I'm just tired and whine-y.

I am recently home from a very stressful trip up to the midlands to see my Mom. She wasn't doing so well, was, in fact, the worst I've ever seen her. (Have I mentioned that Alzheimer's sucks.) We are at a place with her house when we really have to start making it not look like our family home -- closets & cabinets & drawers & the basement are pretty well cleaned out, next comes taking down things from the walls, dealing with furniture, etc, etc, etc.
I made the road trip up & back alone -- 13 hours up, 14 hours home. I brought home yet another load of miscellaneous stuff that I think I want and have to try to assimilate into our home. Everything from my family home smells of ancient, stale cigarette smoke & mildew and that smell permeates into everything -- I always have loads of laundry to do when I return, even re-washing clean clothes. So a looong day of driving, a day of laundry, then back to work. pooh

this trip's haul

But I found this awesome blog post. And I found this awesome video. Both reminded me that simple pleasures are the best and they still are all around me, I just have to open my eyes to them.

*My trip was bracketed with brief but pleasant stays at my Mother-in-law's house.
*Even though my Mom makes less and less sense, she still knows me and still loves me.
*While I was away, Shug got us a case of Hatch, NM green chiles.
*I drove 1600 miles without incident. I got safely home to find Shug eagerly waiting for me with a gin and tonic in hand and the makings for a breakfast burrito (with green chiles!) on the stove.

So, I'm feeling better now. I am still tired and sad but can see there is still joy out there to be enjoyed.


Bry said...

Missed you Bethers!! Glad your home safely and don't worry about coming back to work till after the first. Take time off!!

Nifty Quilts said...

It's lovely to see someone counting their blessings. Looks like you're doing sacred work, and feeling the benefits.

Ginger said...

that iron is just divine! glad you're feeling better! :)

Rachaeldaisy said...

Beth, that does sound so hard to get through. Well done for looking for the positives!! Shug rhymes with hug, I'm so glad he's there to support you. Those green chillis sound goood!!

Karamat said...

Missed seeing you at last weekend's meeting (but so glad your hubby stopped by and showed off his wood bowls!!) Hope you're doing well!

lola ruiz said...

Hi Beth, my mother has alzheimer too since six years ago. Yes, its is hard and it takes patiente and sense of humor.
I think alzheimer call us to be present in the here and now, just the same as with little babies...but harder...., no sweet moments but tenderness and acceptance.
Not easy just do the best i can.

O'Quilts said...

Fine!! She sends me on a goose chase for a Flickr that is no where to be found by no-tech me...however, on looking, I go right to the only "whining" post and find this awesome video!! Thank u Beth!! Luv it