Monday, April 16, 2012

I behaved myself

This past weekend, I wanted to start playing with my ideas for the QuiltCon Block Challenge, but I had quite a bit of obliged projects to finish up, so I worked on them.

I made up some samples for raffle blocks for our up-coming Houston Modern Quilt Guild Spring Retreat. I am getting crazy excited about going away with my Guild buds! (I also wanted/needed to do some more cutting of project parts to take with me, but that got postponed too.) Anyway, Tammy is our Swaps & Challenges coordinator & I am on her committee. She has some ideas & I have some ideas -- well, an idea -- for Retreat. Mine was for raffle blocks that we make while at Retreat. So I came up with a block & color-scheme & made some samples -- which I don't want to show until I've shown the group (next weekend).

So many of my Guild friends are SO good at making bags & pillows & pouches & pincushions & etc, etc, etc. They put me to shame. We have several members who are expecting babies & I offered to make -- well, something. I am at an especial loss when it comes to babies. But I found a cute fabric & bought some burp towels & I think what I made is pretty darn cute! But, again, I can't show them to you just yet -- the Mama-to-be is a visitor to my blog & I don't want to spoil her surprise!

Next Saturday, the Guild is gathering together the quilts & pillowcases for donating to the Star of Hope Mission. My quilts were done, but I wanted to make some pillowcases. There may be a million methods out there in the Internets for making pillowcases, but I've used the one from the ConKerr Cancer site. It is ridiculously easy! It probably takes longer preparing & cutting the fabric than it does to make the pillowcase. So I made 3 pillowcases to donate & 1 for me to keep! (I said I was good this weekend, not perfect!)


My final project was not so showy as the others. Shug wanted some fleece drawstring bags for carrying his wood projects to his wood-turning meetings. I had some fleece scraps left over from the red brick quilts & made up the first of several bags for him.

drawstring bags


capitolaquilter said...

Way to stay on task - wish I could have that quality!

Karamat said...

Love the pillowcases! And that reminds me that I need to pack up mine for this weekend.

I'm excited for everyone to see your blocks!!

Dan R said...

Those pillowcases are great! I'm curious why Shug wanted the bags to be fleece...

I also just realized that Shug is not Shrug (as I've been reading for years now), but probably short for sugar. That's so sweet.

Rachaeldaisy said...

Those are the coolest pillow cases!!! I like your brick bags for wood bits. It sounds as though youve been very busy working on all your top secret projects.

Claudia said...

Fun pillowcases and very "polished" looking. I especially love the sewing themed one - very retro.

QuiltingCyclist said...

Great pillowcases. I must try that. And, you are being VERY good. Pat yourself on the back, girl!