Monday, April 23, 2012

Weekend update

Saturday was Crafter-day for Shug & me. He goes early to his wood-turning group, I leave mid-day for my HMQG meeting. We don't see each other all day, each spending the day with their respective "tribe" & come home full of stories to tell about what we did & saw.

On Sunday, my plate was pretty clear. I could have worked on my QuiltCon blocks that I have been longing to experiment with, but now that I *could* work on them, I didn't *want* to work on them. (Please reassure me that I am not the only (crazy) person who does things like this.) So what I did do was stitch up some butterfly blocks for a flickr friend who did something nice for me. I made them with left-over pieces from the Shirts & Slacks quilt. I LOVE these butterflies & may have to make a whole quilt of them for myself!


And speaking of the Shirts & Slacks quilt -- it is finished!

shirts & slacks

I basted my HMQG row robin quilt & began quilting it with my new Brother machine (Frere Jaques) but ran into trouble. I'm sure it is just one of those rough patches in a new relationship, but I had to walk away from him for a while & didn't get very far with the quilting.


MariQuilts said...

You're not happens to me all the time. When I can, quite often I don't. What's with that??

I love that quilt with the shirts.

O'Quilts said... may be crazy..but you are in very good company, if I do say so myself. And, I love the butterfly patch..a modern take on an old fashioned block..Maybe I will make one too.

Nifty Quilts said...

Shirts and Slacks looks SO great!!! Congratulations. Sorry to hear about your furry family member. You're NOT crazy. Quilting is play time. No "shoulds" allowed.

Karamat said...

I'm so glad you brought Shirts & Slacks to the meeting... I loved getting to see it in person!!

Deb and Mandy said...

I always do that! I am also always full of great ideas when I am really behind on a deadline!! Ugh.
Your butterflies are sweet though!

Rachaeldaisy said...

Wow, you've got lots of fun things done!! I like the way Shug has his craft too. Gbf and I are a bit like that, he goes off into the garden and I go off to my sewing room , we say we'll meet for lunch, and then dinner. Your zig zag, shirt quilt is really wonderful!!! And your butterfly blocks are so much fun, I can just see a whole quilt made with them. New sewing machines always take a bit of getting used to... he'll get his act together soon. :)

Claudia said...

Great quilt,Beth, it has so much movement. Love the butteflies too, care to share the block pattern with me?