Monday, September 04, 2017

Fourth finish -- Del Mar

Del Mar is finished, but rather than folding it away to use on the bed in the coming winter, I put a sleeve & label on it & packed it up to ship -- because it was accepted into the Made in Texas exhibit at the Texas Quilt Museum. I handed the quilt over to FedEx on Friday morning 25 August -- that night hurricane Harvey hit the Texas coast between Corpus Christi & Houston. Over the next week we got nearly 46 inches of rain, but unlike so many unfortunate Houstonians, we did not have water in our house. I won't go into the drama of the week, except to say that it was rough watching the horror unfold on television. Again, Shug & I were safe & dry, but it was hard to see our city struggle.

My quilt, Del Mar, inspired by houses on the Texas Gulf Coast, sat somewhere in the care of FedEx. I was not really worried about its whereabouts, just wondered if it might be sitting in muddy water somewhere. Then I thought, if it was in muddy water, I would just wash it as best I could & the quilt would tell a slightly different story about life on the Gulf Coast. But it arrived safe & dry in La Grange (which had its own bad experience with Harvey).


barbara woods said...

Glad you stayed dry ,love the quilt

audrey said...

Love the colors and prints used for your houses! And oh, so glad your quilt made it to its destination alright and even more, that you and your family are doing well!

Nifty Quilts said...

So glad your home was spared from the flooding. It's got to be painful to see so much devastation in your very own city. Thank goodness your quilt made it to the museum, dry and safe. It's a gorgeous piece and a reminder of happy times.

O'Quilts said...

Wahoooooooo A post from youuuuu
Love the glad you are safe..xoxo