Tuesday, January 18, 2011

True Confessions

Hello, my name is smazoochie and I have UFOs.

I saw a button on the blog of fellow HMQG member scruffycat for UFO Domination 2011 and thought that it might be a fun way to get some of my lingering projects done.

At first I thought I didn't really have too many un-done projects. There are the Butternut and Blue blocks of the month that my mother-in-law gave me for Christmas one year. They are one third the usual KC Star BOM (mine are 8 inches, they are usually 12 inches) and for some reason, I decided to hand-piece them. I think I will only do 2 more and just make a small wall hanging from them--some of them have far too many pieces for me to do by hand.


There is also the star quilt that began with the purchase of a vintage tea towel, gosh, maybe ten years ago. At first I planned to make a vest--vests were the thing back then--then I realized that the tall stack of collected fabrics was much more than a vest. The stars came together fairly quickly; then it took me a while to find the right border fabric; then came the geese. It is all done except for about one quarter of the binding! I think it stalled out because, even though I love it and can't help but smile when I look at it, it doesn't go with anything in our house. So there it sits.

fruity stars

And finally, my shame: The 'wedding quilt' I made for my brother and sister-in-law--they married in September of.......2003!!!!!! It is an appliqued wedding ring--the arcs are appliqued onto a square of fabric. I used some sort of cotton-y batting because I always have trouble with tucks on the back when I machine quilt with my sewing machine; which means the thing weighs a ton. Because I am not sure of the stability of the arcs I have been free-motion quilting them, following the patterns in the fabrics. I'm not real sure how much more work I have to do, but, UFO Domination 2011 members and the rest of the blog-o-sphere as my witness, MY BROTHER AND SISTER-IN-LAW WILL NOT CELEBRATE THEIR 8TH ANNIVERSARY WITHOUT POSSESSION OF THEIR QUILT!

wedding rings

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amy and the bad cats said...

whoops! i just commented on your flickr pics, thinking the two UFOs you posted were done! my bad. but good luck getting these done, especially the slightly late wedding quilt. better late than never, i say!