Friday, July 22, 2011

I LOVE these quilts!

I haven't done an I LOVE this quilt! post for a long time, so I thought I would look at 3 quilts today.

These 3 belong to 3 different flickr friends, all have flickr names that honor their dogs, past and present. I will look at their quilts alphabetically -- by the dogs' names!

The first one was made by Rosie at the boris daily. It doesn't have a name yet, in fact it isn't actually a finished quilt yet. But I have loved this from when it was just parts! The pattern is Gypsy Kisses by Material Obsession. But Rosie has taken their bright, cheery quilt and interpreted it with Denyse Schmidt's Greenfield Hill and turned it both Gothic and  whimsical -- if film director Tim Burton ever decided to make a quilt, this is the quilt he would make! It is mostly a single fabric line quilt, but there are touches of other fabrics that add sparkle. I am eager to see how she quilts this beauty.

A challenge.

The second quilt was made by Gretchen at bigredoscardog. She has made chunky, improvisational log cabins using three colorways of a single print plus solids. Most of the solids are obvious choices, coordinating with the prints, but there are some surprises here -- like, where did those oranges come from!? But I am so glad they are there! I like how she sometimes seems to start to build a log cabin, then it sort of disappears into the background. And the background -- love that peanut-buttery brown. It is quilted simply and looks like a quilt I would like wrapped around me on a chilly winter night.

Front view

Lastly, let me share with you John's Birthday Quilt, made by Lisa at Shiner's view. This is another improv log cabin quilt. These cabins are drawn with a finer brush and done in olives, aquas, blues and just a spot of yellow. Primarily stripes and solids, the crisply pieced blocks make for a tailored-look. This is another quilt where the blocks sometimes blend into the background, in fact sometimes there is *just* background. But this quilter isn't afraid of all that white space, she is a master at meander quilting.

John's Birthday Quilt

Three different quilts, I LOVE them all!


Lisa said...

oh girl ... I am as excited to have my quilt featured as I am about the other quilts you featured! Those are gorgeous and such a representation of how creative we can all be ... and the tie together on the pooches name ... over the top! Love ya!!! Thanks! ... Lisa @ Shinersview

Jackie said...

love the bottom one!

noga quilts said...

These are all gorgeous quilts, you do have an eye for beauty!

Gretchen said...

Love. Thank you for featuring me. And sandwiched between two amazingly beautiful quilts! (So sweet; the dog connection.)
I haven't seen that quilt in a couple of years, it was a gift to my brother and his family who live in Oregon (the wet side), this is a nice reminder....
Thanks again.

Rachaeldaisy said...

I Love your taste in quilts!! These 3 are all wonderful!! This is such a great segment on your blog.