Monday, July 11, 2011

The Story of Wonk

When I made my very first wonky stars, I went to the source: Gwen Marston's Liberated Quiltmaking. For the liberated/wonky star points, her directions say to cut squares larger than your base, then cut the squares diagonally and stitch onto the base fabric. But I planned to use plaids for the star points and being the anal, control-freak that I am, I didn't want the plaids to be going every which way. So rather than cut squares, I cut strips and sewed the star points diagonally onto the base fabric along the outside edge of the strip so that the plaid was parallel to the seam.


I kind of liked this method because it let me go really crazy with the points -- some are slender, some are big & chunky, some are more triangular. So when I began my own project with wonky stars this was the way I built them.

weird wonky I

weird wonky II

I am now quilting my Constellation Wonkulae. I am trying to be more free with my machine quilting, trying something I haven't done before (thanks Bobbidink!). I had to hold my breath and close my eyes as I started quilting through(!) my pieced blocks but I have to tell you that I am loving how it is turning out! I am almost half-way done. I'll show you the back, but save the front for a big reveal!

basting al fresco

space warp quilting

P.S. There is glitter EVERYWHERE.


Dan R said...

Things I love:
1. The cropped points on some stars.
2. The wavy overlapping quilting.
3. Constellation Wonkulae!

noga quilts said...

I love the quilt top, beautiful! And the quilting is amazing

Rachaeldaisy said...

I agree with Dans list but I just want to add
4. The random rectangle strips between the blocks
5.the way some stars have see-through centers
6. I know the glitter might be driving you a bit mad because it's everywhere but I quite little the image of you guys being sparkly!
It's a stunning quilt Beth!!

Manda said...

Those stars look great, love the randomness of the points!As for glitter everywhere... meh I hate the stuff!

Bry said...

I love love love the quilting! And the random sashing around the stars in the floral print. And the super wonk in the stars! LOVE!