Monday, July 18, 2011

So much FUN

I saw the directions for making faux tie-dye using Sharpie markers and rubbing alcohol on Susie Can Stitch. They were so pretty and looked like fun to make that I gathered my supplies and gave it a go. (I think I might use them with log cabin blocks or as wonky star centers.) My Sharpie supply was not the best, but still I managed to fill a morning with making these little squares.

 groovy faux tie dye

I had to stop because my inner six-year-old girl and my inner aging hippie were beginning to fuss over whose turn it was ("it's my turn" "nuh-uh, you went last"). Or maybe it was the fumes from the Sharpies and the alcohol.


Bry said...

I love these!! Too cute!!!

noga quilts said...

These really look like so much fun to make, and beautiful too!

Rachaeldaisy said...

Lol! There might have been a bit of squabbling but your inner 6 year old and inner aging hippie sure made some beautiful circles. They look a bit other worldly, magical.