Monday, March 28, 2011

The ADD quilter

It has occurred to me that I have yet to complete a single project this year. It is now March!!!
Now each month I have a row or a round to complete for HMQG--not a big deal; I usually finish those in no more than a day. We also now have the Kate Spain Central Park charm challenge. And believe or not, that is done all but the binding! (p.s. I LOVE what I made!) I also just learned that expecting neighbors had their son 6 weeks prematurely (I think his prognosis is good) so a baby quilt has sneaked its way onto my program. Fortunately, I have on hand an unfinished top perfect for a baby boy--just needs to be quilted.

But then I have my lengthening list of projects:
1. the blue bonnet and plaids New Wave: top is complete, needs to be sandwiched and quilted
2. 2 inch strip hexagons remain nothing more than a stack of twirly hexagon halves
3. circle skirt quilt top is assembled, awaits experimentation with eighth inch ribbons
4. I am 3 purple wonky stars shy of a constellation
5. the black and bright flying geese is perhaps 3/4 done--it was just a stack of parts this time last week
6. the floating Japanese indigo stars is under way--I don't know how far along it is because I don't know how big it will be
7. the postage quilt is half pieced, the rest is 3/4 cut out
8. I had to jump in on Lily's Quilts QAL; I have had some vintage fabrics I thought the Dresden plates would be perfect for, so...
9. there is the quilt I have been hand quilting at HMQG meetings for a year now--still not finished, but getting close!
10. two other smallish quilts that need to be quilted: one nearly done (machine quilted), one hardly begun (not sure whether to hand or machine quilt it)

Geesh! When I lay them all out like that, I am a little embarrassed.

charm challenge

2 deep

floating stars

dresden QAL


Karamat said...

Adding up those WIPs is scary!! I did the same Friday and found I have 11 quilt tops completed, but unquilted... gotta get to work on those!

Lynne (Lily's Quilts) said...

Shiny new projects always seems to take the place of boring old projecs - keep saying to myself MUST FINISH MUST FINISH MUST FINISH!!!

Quilter in the Gap said...

My list of UFOs is so long that at the end of 2010 I decided I could only start a new project for every 2 I finished. Oh yeah its that bad!!

cauchy09 said...

it's scary to see a long list. i have one, but i just choose one project and give myself a deadline to finish. in between finishes, new things begin, but it feels okay as long as things are getting done.

Rachaeldaisy said...

I thought about doing a post like this but then just thinking about it was scary so I stopped. I'm loving what I see!! The fabrics you've chosen for Lynnes QAL are really stunning!! I sometime think wouldn't it be fun to have a group of sewing friends who take it in turns to help you finish projects. Like one week everyone would help you, then next week it would be someone elses turn. I'd be in a group like that with you but I live so far away.

Terri said...

I have a quilt top that I started about 20 years ago, before rotary cutters and self healing mats. There are cardboard templates. (Dude!) I have made and finished many many projects since, but this one will not be finished, because seriously the pieces don't fit together very well. It is guilt in a box and should be purged. I vow I will open the box and find a new use for that fabric. Soon. And blog about it.

Deonn said...

I know what you mean - It's like confessing sins to actually lay them all out in black and white. I too have quilter's ADD. Can't help it, I want to make everything! See just how bad I've got it:
Click on the UFO page... you won't feel so embarassed :)