Monday, March 21, 2011

Black & white and pastel all over

Yesterday, I indulged my inner tantrum-throwing child and let myself cut out some new projects.

b & w

Both of them were inspired by rows from our HMGQ robins. The top bits with the white and Japanese indigo were inspired by Liz's rows. I didn't get 'the big picture' when I first saw her row. But I get it now--and I want one of my own! The bottom, un-assembled bits were inspired by what I added to Sean's rows: flying geese done in brights with black. (I'll be setting mine together differently than I did his.) Both were VERY fun to work on; both were very simple; and both make big statements in their simplicity.
I am excited about both!

But before I allowed myself to start cutting and sewing those, I had to first work on the latest HMGQ project: the Kate Spain Central Park charm pack challenge. I started--and finished--my little top (a charm pack and ONLY a half yard of extra fabric doesn't take long to use up). But no peaking yet! I'll show you what I have left over. Looks like enough to do some sort of plate or fan....hmmm...maybe on the back, maybe around the border....hmmm.

left overs 


Karamat said...

Interesting! I have almost none of my charm squares left, but about half of of my extra fabric.

Bry said...

I haven't even that bad???

Liz said...

Love your new indigo blocks!

I haven't even started on my Central Park yet. Maybe I can shame myself to get on it.

Dan (Made by a Man) said...

Your inner tantrum-throwing child knows how to have fun. Let her out! The geese look awesome, and I love those star looking things (plates? fans?).

amy and the bad cats said...

i haven't started yet. i can't wait to see what you've made!