Saturday, March 26, 2011

Friday Funday

It is fun, but it can be dangerous, when two quilting friends go fabric shopping. Yesterday, Bry and I hit a couple of the shops participating in the Houston Shop Hop. Here are examples of some of our conversations:

B1*: "This looks like you."
B2*: "Oh, I didn't see that. I love it!"

B1: "Won't this go with your (fill the blank) project?"
B2: "Yea, I think you're right."

B1: "I don't need this. I think I'll put it back."
B2: "Get it. It is so pretty. You'll find a use for it."

B1: "Boy, I did some damage today."
B2: "Yea, me too."

more dots


grunge & stripes

* We are interchangeable in these examples.


Bry said...

What is sad is that I was so good and put so much back yet still totally blew my budget! LOL!

Yay for enablers!!!

Rachaeldaisy said...

Great fabric choices!!You guys would be fun to shop with!! Maybe it's lucky I wasn't there but then again I bet those text fabrics come to haunt me and I'll just have to find them online. Lol

MariQuilts said...

Gotta love those quilting buddies!!!