Friday, March 18, 2011


In the midst of my trip to visit my Mom, I realized that after my return home, I would have less than one week to complete the round robin I got at last month's HMQG meeting.
I had finally gotten Fi's round to work on. I had been eager to work on hers since I first saw it. Her bright colors were going to be fun to work with. At a show-and-tell, Fi shared with us a vintage quilt that her great grandmother had made from Hawaiian prints. (See the quilt here.) So from the beginning, I had planned to use tropical prints. The day after I got it, I pulled fabric and began cutting blocks and even assembled a few...but then it stopped.
Now had I chosen simple squares or triangles, there would have been no problem. But I was making small quarter circles. And the thing about round robins versus row robins, if you get the round after several people have worked on it, they start getting really BIG.
But the quarter circles actually go pretty fast, the slowest thing is pinning the curved seams before sewing. I got maybe a fourth of what I needed put together yesterday. And today, in a marathon of sewing, I got it all finished! Yay me!

fi's round


amy and the bad cats said...

wow! your round is so awesome, and so thoughtful of you to think of the quilt she showed off and use hawaian prints/

Manda said...

Yay congrats on getting it finished! Love your round!

Bry said...

Whoa! Looks awesome Beth!!!

noga quilts said...

A most beautiful quilt! Love the colors, and the overall design is superb!

Rachaeldaisy said...

Oh My!! Wow!! What a fabulous quilt!! Your border is amazing!! and perfect for the quilt!! Just wonderful!!