Monday, March 21, 2011

Who, moi?

It always annoys me when I see a beautiful quilt hanging at a quilt show and all the artist has to say about it is how many hours it took to make it and how many spools of thread went into it. I'm sorry, but if you are counting how much time and materials went into your work of art, then you aren't having fun!
I get lost when I am at my sewing machine, surprised that so much time has passed.

another one bites the dust

And yet, and yet...I am always pleased when I empty one of these guys. 1200 yards of thread! I bet you could go from here to the moon--well, maybe from here to Galveston, ok, from here to the grocery store. Still, it is an accomplishment of sorts.

Does that make me a hypocrite? Why yes, yes it does.


Bry said...

Hahahaha!!! Love it!

Dan R said...

I get so much pleasure from finishing a spool of thread, I can't explain it. I hate to see the fabric go, but I love an empty spool (as long as there's more of what I need at that frenzied crafting moment).

Hypocrite, schmypocrite.

Dan (Made by a Man) said...

Amen sister, fun!

Jenny said...

I love quilting too!! And great blog!

OdileB said...

Moi aussi! Get lost when I am sewing. Never I count hours or threads kilometers. Sewing and quilting are only pleasure.

Rachaeldaisy said...

This is a fun post!! Hypocrite? Nah, just human. I sometimes wish sewing machines had a way of measuring how many miles we've sewn. All happy stitches!